44th Trip: 1/2 Day on the Spectra 10-16-11

Back out again with a new group with Captain Chris, Ted and the Spectra. This time my friend Kelly, her dad and son David came out fishing for the first time. Also along on the trip was Dale and his son who works in my office at Golden West College.

Once again it was a beautiful day out on the water, and with sardines already in the bait tanks from a trip the day before we left 22nd Street Landing and headed out to our salmon grouper spot. I do get asked why we hit these rockfish almost everytime I take out a new group, and the answer is simple, they are big fish, easy to catch and everyone has a great time. They are also good eating fish, so everyone is happy. As we headed out to the spot we were surrounded by blue whales spouting and showing around the boat. Most stayed a few hundred feet away, but we still saw the huge whales as they fed around the area. We hit the spot and drifted across it, it was slow pickings and in the end we got a total of 11 bocaccio for about 3 hours of work. I hooked up on a big one and David brought it up for his first big fish on the water.

We still had time left on the day so we hit a rock just outside the breakwater near the beginning of the horseshoe kelp area. We picked away at small calico bass, and lots of blacksmith perch and smaller fish. Ted and I fished on the bow, and Ted brought up some big rubber lip perch and I found a rock full of buttermouth perch. We stayed on it for about an hour to give everyone a fill of fishing on the spot and headed back in. Great day for David and everyone was happy! I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. The season will be winding down as the holidays get close and I look forward to fishing next year!

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