Fish Count

From 27th Trip: Native Sun 3/4 Day Trip 12/21

Looking for fish counts from Southern California landings?

Here is a list of what fish we (my son Jonathan, daughter Katelyn and myself) have caught starting in January 2008.

Last updated 12/1/12

Click on the species name for more information about the fish.

Table Notes: C = Caught , K = Kept , R = Released

Common NameSpecies NameCKRNotes
AnchovyEngraulis mordax202
BluegillLepomis macrochirus19118Katelyn's First Fish
Barracuda (California)Sphyraena argentea936
Blacksmith PerchChromis punctipinnis756411
Bocaccio (Salmon Grouper)Sebastes paucispinus40400
Buttermouth PerchRhacochilus toxotes12120Jonathan's First Fish
CabazonScorpaenichthys marmoratus101
Calico (Kelp) BassParalabrax Clathratus991188
California Spiny LobsterPanulirus interruptus20614
Channel CatfishIctalurus punctatus330
C-O SolePleuronichthys coenosus101
Copper RockfishSebastes caurinus110Jonathan's First Rockfish
Gopher RockfishSebastes carnatus330
Grass Rockfish (Sugar Bass)Sebastes rastrelliger110
Halibut (California)Paralichthys californicus101
Jack Mackerel (Pacific)Trachurus symmetricus202
JacksmeltAtherinopsis californiensis110
Lizardfish (California)Synodus lucioceps101
Ocean WhitefishCaulolatilus princes321
Olive RockfishSebastes serranoides220
Pacific MackerelScomber japonicus733340
Pacific SardineSardinops sagax110
Rainbow TroutOncorhynchus mykiss770
Sand Bass (Barred)Paralabrax nebulifer402515
Sand DabCitharichthys sordidus43312
SculpinScorpaena guttata1055748
Sheephead (California)Semicossyphus pulcher14131 
Starry RockfishSebastes constellatus1164 
Treefish (Rockfish)Sebastes serriceps440 
Vermilion RockfishSebastes miniatus110
White CroakerGenyonemus lineatus440Did not eat kept fish.
White SurfperchPhanerodon furcatus220

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