Grass Rockfish (Sugar Bass)

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Grass Rockfish
Sebastes rastrelliger


Sebastes rastrelliger; from the Greek words sebastes (magnificent) and rastrelliger (a rake, in reference to the stubby gill rakers).

Alternate Names
Rock cod, scomoda, grass bass, sugar bass, and, in the north, kelp bass.

Typical bass shape with green above and lighter green and brown below. Although often mistaken for kelp rockfish, they are easily differentiated during cleaning – the grass rockfish has very short gill rakers on its first gill arch. The gill rakers are generally as wide as they are long.

Length to 22 inches; generally between 8 and 16 inches for those caught from piers.

Playa Maria Bay, Baja California, to Yaquina Bay, Oregon.

Shallow-water rocky areas.

Info from Pier Fishing In California

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