C-O Sole

From 1st Trip: King Harbor, Redondo Beach

Pleuronichthys coenosus


Mouth: small, terminal; narrow gape; asymmetrical; maxillary extends to below the forepoint of the lower eye; thickened lips; teeth mainly on the blind side of jaws.

Body: caudal peduncle deep; caudal fin rounded; dorsal and anal fins high; the first five to six dorsal rays begin on the blind side; small spine before anal fin; pectorals bluntly pointed; lateral line slightly curved over pectoral region then straight; accessory dorsal branch long.

Color: dark brown to black on the eyed side; creamy white on the blind side; dark spot mid-body on eyed side; similar spot on mid-caudal fin; dark curved bar at the base of the caudal fin (last two features look like a ‘C’ and an ‘O’).


Depth: up to 350 m.

Habitat: both soft and hard substrates; eelgrass habitats; young are more common in shallow waters; can adjust colouration to substrate.

Season: Hart (1973) lists hatching of eggs at 13.8ÂșC after 12 days; suggesting that spawning occurs late spring to summer.

Diet: polychates, molluscs, and crustaceans.

Predators: not determined.

Distribution: Mexico, to Baja, California to Alaska.

Other common names

Spotflounder, Popeye Sole, Muddy Flounder

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