Starry Rockfish

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Starry Rockfish

Family: Scorpaenidae (Scorpionfishes)

Genus and Species:
Sebastes constellatus

Description: The body of the starry rockfish is elongate, robust, heavy forward tapering to the tail. The head is rather pointed in profile and the mouth is large with the lower jaw projecting only slightly beyond the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. The body is red orange and profusely covered with small white spots. There are four or five large whitish blotches along the back. It is a very distinctive fish that is not easily confused with any other rockfish.

Range: The starry rockfish occurs from Thetis Bank, Baja California, to San Francisco, California, and is found around rocky offshore reefs at depths of 80 to 900 feet.

Natural History: As with other kinds of rockfish, fertilization is internal and live young are born. The young are usually born during March through May.

Fishing Information: Starry rockfish contribute to the recreational anglers offshore reef catch. The typical rockfish rig and baits are appropriate gear (see bocaccio).

Other Common Names: spotted corsair, spotted rockfish, chinafish, red rock cod.

Largest Recorded: 18 inches; no weight recorded.

Habitat: Deep Rocky Environment

Information from the California Department of Fish and Game Site

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