White Surfperch


Family: Embiotocidae (surfperches)

Genus and Species: Phanerodon furcatus

Description: Body is silver to whitish with a thin dark line just below the dorsal fin. The anal, pelvic and pectoral fins commonly have a yellow coloration. Caudal fin is forked and attains a length of 32cm.

Range: Vancouver Island to northern Baja. Prefers the calm areas near piers, jetties and other structure to a depth of 43m.

Natural History: The surfperches are endemic to the Pacific coast, from Alaska to southern California, with the exception of two species occurring off Japan. These fish are unique among bony fishes because they give birth to live young. Although most surfperches are less than 40 cm, they do provide an extensive sport fishery and some commercial fishing.

Fishing Information: Found in the bay year long residing in the calm water zones. Although moderate in size the white surfperch has commercial and sport importance. Like many members of this family this fish will accept bait and lures.

Other Common Names: white seaperch

Habitat: Lives in deepwater reefs and bays, and can also be found off docks and piers.

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